As an educator who is committed to the value of teaching music within the liberal arts tradition, I focus my work using the two lenses described below:

1.) A commitment to the exploration of the ethical dimension of teaching and learning. This includes encouraging students to recognize their responsibilities as highly-educated members of society - not just while in college, but beyond the quad as well.   In addition to focusing upon service learning, I am also deeply interested in multiculturalism, especially as it relates to an interrogation of the eurocentrism that dominates the study of music in American universities.  I am particularly passionate about exploring the possibility of developing a truly multicultural orchestral repertoire that prepares students to respond directly to the music of many world traditions, not just the Western European art-music repertoire.  Since I am committed to the importance of a broad curriculum to best prepare students for life in the 21st century - whether they are musicians or not - I also teach a number of different courses in the history, analysis, and creation of popular music as well.   

2.) An emphasis upon the importance of intellectual rigor, creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking.  When students choose to study at a liberal arts college, they are choosing to develop broad academic skills that will serve them no matter what field they eventually go into.  Thus, my fundamental goals are: a.)  to teach critical thinking by encouraging an awareness of the assumptions and biases they encounter in texts and traditions; b.)  the ability to write clearly and persuasively; c.) the willingness to think creatively in finding solutions to problems; and 4.)  the desire to use their knowledge in the ethical realm. 

Teaching Experience:

Wheaton College  Associate Professor of Music (2015-); Assistant Professor (2010-2015)

Orchestra, Composition; Songwriting, First-Year Seminar (Images of Jesus in Popular Music); Senior Seminar (American Popular Song); History of Popular Music; Theory III; Introduction to Music.

Longy School of Music Visiting Faculty, Department of Composition and Theory(2009-2010)

Composition Seminar, Graduate Theory Review (Written and Aural Sections); Private Theory/Counterpoint Lessons

Eastern Nazarene College Assoc. Professor (2008-2009), Asst. Professor  (2004-2008), Adjunct Faculty (2009-)

  Applied Composition; Ear-Training I-IV; Twentieth-Century Music: History and Analysis; Orchestration; Form & Analysis II; Applied Conducting; Instrumental Conducting;  World Music;  History of Rock & Roll and Popular Music in the U.S.A.; Songwriting; Gospel Choir  

Rutgers University – Mason Gross School of Music, Adjunct Faculty – Arts Online (2010-2011)

Introduction to Music Theory

Boston College, Adjunct Faculty, 2009; 2002-2006

Fundamentals of Music; Introduction to Music; A History of Rock & Rolland Popular Music in the U.S.A

Northeastern University Adjunct Faculty, 2009

 Historical Traditions III: World Music

University of Pennsylvania, Graduate Teaching Fellow, 1998-2000

 Musicianship IV; Musicianship III; Theory and Musicianship I and II 

Lexington Christian Academy    

Music Director: Chorale; Orchestra; Jazz Ensemble; Composition, Theory; Songwriting

West Philadelphia High School    

Volunteer music instructor: composition, theory, songwriting, piano